A Conversation with Glen Gardner

Our founder, Glen Gardner, was recently featured in an episode of OneValley’s Building Value in Innovation Ecosystems series. Host Sabah Baxamoosa sat down with Glen to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities in recruiting top talent for university technology transfer offices.

With over two decades of experience connecting world-class researchers and innovations with industry partners, Gardner shares his wealth of knowledge on what it takes to succeed in this highly specialized field. He highlights the multidisciplinary nature of technology transfer, which requires a convergence of deep scientific expertise, business acumen, and intellectual property savvy.

Episode 05: A Conversation With Glen Gardner, Executive Recruiter/President of Gardner ISP

Host Sabah discusses a range of topics with Glen. Some of the topics of this conversation include:

  • Skills and Experiences Valued in Technology Transfer
  • Emerging Trends in Technology Transfer: Startups and Convergence
  • The Future of Technology Transfer and Concluding Thoughts

Throughout the conversation, Gardner’s passion for the tech transfer community shines through. He emphasizes the collegial and mission-driven nature of the field, where professionals are united by a shared commitment to maximizing the societal impact of university research.

For anyone interested in the dynamic world of tech transfer and university-industry collaboration, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in for valuable insights from a seasoned industry leader on navigating the evolving landscape of innovation ecosystems.