Director of Business Development and Strategy, Clark University

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The mission of Clark University’s Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise (MIPE) is to innovate in the creation and delivery of behavioral health services responsive to the needs of adolescents, young adults and their families.

MIPE is re-imagining an integrated behavioral health system for all adolescents and young adults that will:

  • Provide adolescents and young adults with high quality, evidence based culturally relevant behavioral health services
  • Equip youth, families and educators with accurate information on mental health diagnoses and the behavioral health services and resources available in their region
  • Support behavioral health practitioners by developing and delivering digital Social-Emotional Learning and behavioral health interventions that foster resiliency in youth
  • Build capacity of educators and practitioners by offering online certification programs so they can provide state-of-the-art Social-Emotional Learning interventions
  • Collaborate with others to maximize the reach and impact of our behavioral health care model for adolescents and young adults
  • Conduct cutting edge research to advance new evidence and learning about meeting the behavioral health needs of adolescents and young adults, particularly young men of color.


Director of Business Development and Strategy Job Duties

MIPE seeks to fill the position of Director, Business Development & Strategy of the Mosakowski Institute. Reporting to the Director of the Mosakowski Center, the successful candidate will work closely with the Director of Translational Research to turn evidenced-based research, data and customer experiences into new solutions that address behavioral health gaps in schools (prevention, first presentation and assessment) to reduce downstream issues in school or in the workplace.

The Director will lead a high-performance, agile based team that will ensure the assembly and delivery of a steady cascade of products that are valued in chosen markets.  Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Leads the overall growth and business development strategy, including efforts to identify and negotiate partnerships, joint ventures, consortia involvement and Merger and Acquisition opportunities that enhance the MIPE Behavioral Health Model.
  • Leads the exploration of adjacencies where the MIPE Behavioral Health Model can be leveraged to expand reach across the care pathway and demand segments such as homes, schools, community, employers, payers (Healthcare Insurers) and Managed Care Organizations.
  • Translates research into prototypes that can be vetted for the best products and services to support the MIPE Behavioral Health Model including supporting grants to prove or pilot key concepts.
  • Evaluates, develops and where appropriate, supports intellectual property and licensing for market ready products, effectively working with University technology commercialization staff from new product conception through to its eventual commercialization, adoption, and distribution.
  • Determines the most appropriate route for commercialization of innovative products and services.
  • Leads the MIPE team in opportunity analysis from ideas through proposed products with a material pay off.  Products may include mobile apps for learning, assessment, navigation and community empowerment; Behavioral Health Centers; and Behavioral Health Interventions.
  • Scans markets to identify and size segments for potential growth categories.
  • Defines unmet and unserved customer needs: validates the addressable market opportunity.
  • For proposed new products, leads analysis of make-versus-buy decisions and in some cases joint development.
  • Influences cross-functional teams to solve challenges.
  • Works with early adopters to collect feedback to improve and/or enhance the product.
  • Manages the Product Development Life Cycle. Oversees all product development, creates webinars and in-person training for clients, provides technical assistance and customer support, conducts marketing and sales campaigns, develops short and long-term business projections.
  • Other duties as assigned; depending on needs of the office.

Read the full Director of Business Development and Strategy Position Specification here.

Director of Business Development and Strategy Qualifications

The successful candidate will possess the following skills, expertise, and professional attributes:

  • 5-10 years of senior management and leadership experience.
  • Master’s degree in relevant field required.
  • Proven track record of delivering new business initiatives or products on time.
  • Prior experience in start-ups or new ventures is preferred.
  • Previous portfolio and project management experience in agile-based organizations is desired.
  • Loves new challenges. Find needs, enabling factors and capabilities in unlikely places, often accidentally explored.
  • Operationally grounded with the eye for strategic insight on new opportunities.
  • Active sensor of new knowledge and learning.
  • Seeks alternatives, experimenter, risk taker.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including the ability to develop and motivate high-performing cross functional teams.
  • Exceptional executive presence, business acumen, and presentation skills

The salary for this role is $150,000-175,000 commensurate with experience. This is a full-time, 40 hours per week position with excellent benefits, which include employee and family tuition benefits, 4 weeks’ vacation, generous retirement plan, free use of campus fitness center and many more.  

Director of Business Development and Strategy Applicants

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