Executive Director, Intellectual Property Management – Tulane University

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Technology Transfer at Tulane University moves cutting edge research into the broader community, educates external constituencies about the development and implications of the research and sees that the products of Tulane research are deployed to the broadest possible public benefit. Technology transfer, while viewed simply as a potential revenue source at some research institutions, has long been considered an important extension of Tulane University’s core missions of education, research and service.


Executive Director, Intellectual Property Management Job Duties:

The Executive Director of Intellectual Property Management is responsible for direction, management, and coordination of a Tulane’s intellectual property portfolio, and works closely with Tulane University Innovation Institute to support the innovation pipeline. The Director, in cooperation with the university’s General Counsel and/or outside legal counsel as needed, will negotiate, monitor, and enforce various licensing, confidentiality, material transfer and option agreements, and industry-sponsored agreements pertaining to Tulane’s intellectual property. The position will report to the Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer and Vice President for Research.

The Executive Director of Intellectual Property Management is responsible for managing the OIPM budget, GAP fund, and TUDOR account, and managing 2 Licensing Associates, the Budget & Administrative Coordinator, and the Administrative Operations Manager.

Function: Oversee and manage the daily operations of the Intellectual Property Management Office: Manage the workload, job assignments and performance of IP staff.Manage and ensure availability of a comprehensive inventory of the university’s existing intellectual property. Provide recommendations/support on integration of systems for portfolio management.Provide oversight for projects and the management of intellectual property assigned to the Licensing Associates and the Budget & Administrative Coordinator. Provide IP staff members with effective training, leadership, and guidance for patent prosecution, licensing, and ongoing management of inventions in the University’s portfolio.Work in coordination with TUII commercialization team developing and implementing strategies for the evaluation of university technologies.Initiate and develop proactive institutional policies and procedures on matters related to university intellectual property. Implement policies and procedures into intellectual property operations as needed.Oversee the development and maintenance of a current and informative IP website.Oversee the collection and maintenance of data to demonstrate metrics of office performance. Prepare quarterly and annual reports to senior management, and issue special reports when requested.   Standards: Prepares and documents annual priorities for the office and for each direct report. Annually evaluates office and staff performance with reference to the defined objectives. Manages all personnel matters related to IP staff in a timely and effective manner. Remains knowledgeable of best practices of highly successful university intellectual property management offices. Makes recommendations for implementation of best practices to improve Tulane’s operation. Rigorously manages the IP Management budget Always exhibits a customer service orientation and ensures the same from IP staff. Provides regular and continuous training to IP staff and to university constituents upon request. Sets an example of work ethic, diligence, and professionalism as an officer of the university.  30% of job
Function: Oversee the development, negotiation, and management of all intellectual property agreements related to university intellectual property: Use the various tools/resources available, including internet-based services and published directories, to develop comprehensive information on technology patentability, commercial potential, and development strategies for university intellectual property. Work with IP staff and TUII to develop and implement IP protection, marketing, and licensing strategies for assessed technologies.Maintain current knowledge and awareness of regulatory and policy issues and business trends relevant to university technology transfer. Work in cooperation with the University’s General Counsel, their staff, and/or outside counsel as needed to negotiate, monitor, and enforce various licensing, confidentiality, material transfer, and option agreements. Ensure agreements processed by staff are accurate, complete, and consistent with university policy and government regulation.Work with Sponsored Projects Administration to facilitate contract negotiations involving problematic award conditions related to intellectual property rights.   Standards: Maintains a thorough knowledge of intellectual property management, the government regulation thereof, relevant university policies and procedures and current business practices. Negotiates contracts in the best interest of Tulane University and in compliance with government and institutional policies.  30% of job
Function: Work to support TUII to develop and implement programs to identify promising technological developments throughout the University and to encourage active research faculty to pursue projects with commercialization potential: Support and communicate with academic units and research administration to identify active research faculty to encourage, solicit, and evaluate “new” invention disclosures. Develop resources and tools on advising/educating senior administrators, faculty, staff, and inventors on matters pertaining to intellectual property. Offer formal training to university constituents upon request.Work with academic deans to develop formal academic curricula on university intellectual property when appropriate.   Standards: Provides timely, thoughtful, and thorough response to inquiries and requests from faculty, staff, administration, trustees, potential industry and business partners. Works to reduce duplication, increase transparency, develop KPIs, and coordinate IMS/CRMs to support a modernization of intellectual property management and increased commercialization activities to support TUII goals/metrics. Delivers performance metrics reports that are reviewed thoroughly and presented professionally. Provides guidance and direction to faculty and commercialization team for the IP management aspects of development of new intellectual property. Remains knowledgeable about faculty potential and opportunity to develop new intellectual property in all University Schools, Centers, and Institutes.  20% of job
Function: Supports TUII Commercialization team’s engagement with venture capitalists, technology executives, and entrepreneurs: Supports the implementation of programs with TUII to promote successful academic, industry, and community partnerships. Supports relationships with timely information for above-referenced groups.Represent the University’s interests with these constituencies as required.   Standards: Maintains effective and professional relationships with internal and external constituencies.  15% of job

Target Salary: $150,000-$200,000

Here is the Tulane University Executive Director, Intellectual Property Management Position Specification with further details.

Executive Director, Intellectual Property Management Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree and 7 years’ experience in licensing university-based intellectual property and experience with broader issues of technology transfer in a research OR High School Diploma/Equivalent and 13 years’ experience in licensing university-based intellectual property and experience with broader issues of technology transfer in a research university environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, negotiating, organizational, and analytical/problem solving skills
  • Ability to work with diverse constituencies including faculty, administrators, and outside business representatives
  • Ability to prioritize multiple and varied projects and initiatives
  • Prior experience managing both professional and support staff


  • MBA or advanced degree in scientific or engineering discipline

Executive Director, Intellectual Property Management Applicants

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