Executive Director of the NSF Engine: Louisiana Energy Transition Engine, Louisiana State University

Historically rich in natural resources, favorable geology, infrastructure, and human capital necessary for energy innovation, Louisiana has an unprecedented opportunity to lead the global energy transition toward more efficient carbon management and new ways to produce and use energy. FUEL (Future Use of Energy in Louisiana) recognizes the growing global demand for products made with reduced carbon intensity and energy innovations that reduce carbon emissions and waste.

For Louisiana’s leading energy industry to stay competitive and grow, it needs new ideas, new technologies, and a highly skilled workforce. With Louisiana’s abundant resources—including expansive production facilities and transportation infrastructure, global ports, agricultural feedstocks, unique geology for CO₂ sequestration and hydrogen storage, well-capitalized industry, and generations of workers trained in process technology—no state is better positioned to lead the future use of energy.

FUEL positions the state as a global energy transition leader through high-impact technology development and innovation that support the energy industry and the world in lowering carbon emissions. FUEL brings together leaders from various sectors across the state under a shared vision for the future of energy in Louisiana. They have recently received $160 million NSF to support R&D Workforce Technology.

Read more about LSU FUEL: LSU Energy

Position Summary

  • Organization: Louisiana State University FUEL
  • Title: Executive Director of the NSF Engine: Louisiana Energy Transition Engine
  • Salary range: $175k – $300k (depending on qualifications)
  • Work environment & Location: On-site required
  • Visa Sponsorship: Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

More About FUEL

Living & Working in Baton Rouge, LA

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