Technology Transfer deal sheets – the benefits

When we are placing technology transfer applicants with some of the top university and research institutions in the world, we require a deal sheet. Why? This simple, yet comprehensive, document helps the candidate shine by organizing and presenting the type of licenses they have secured.

Why Job Candidates Need a Deal Sheet

Deal sheets are an essential part of the qualification process for candidates being considered through us.  Unless you are an internal candidate and the client is already familiar with your work, licenses, and portfolio, we insist upon this degree of organization. It allows us to easily see if you are a good fit for the position, where your skills lie, and if there are any areas in licensing that are underdeveloped.

Our deal sheet provides a quick glance into the breadth and depth of the licenses you’ve negotiated. It’s a very strong tool to help you stand out with all of the most pertinent information of your career organized in an easy to skim fashion. So take the time to fill it out. Include all of your collaborative ventures and your lead exchanges. You needn’t provide the names of the companies involved in the transactions just the type, like ABC Pharma Company. Compiling a deal sheet is an incredibly effective way to get your dream employer’s attention.

Why Hiring Institutions Love the Deal Sheet

As mentioned above, it provides an easy, uniform way to see the kind of work the candidate has done. There’s no fluffy language to hide behind. The hiring group can quickly assess the number of exclusive licenses versus non-exclusive, the size of the company involved, whether the candidate was the lead on the exchange or a collaborator, and what area or industry it was sold to.

This chart provides a basis for easy comparison between candidates and makes it more difficult to hide areas of weaknesses or incompatibility in what the hiring organization is looking for. It gives them confidence in hiring, knowing their choice can do the work because they already have.

Need help starting your deal sheet? Take a look at our examples:

Deal Sheet Template 1 Download

Deal Sheet Template 2 Download